About The CEO/Host

"All You have to do is focus and become dedicated, everything else will work itself out during the process"  - Tara J.


Tara J Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. She is a fun and loving music artist and Entrepreneur. Tara J grew up in Garfield in Pittsburgh, Pa. After graduating High school she attended Point Park University In Pittsburgh, Pa. After 4 years in college she graduated with her bachelors degree in Multimedia. Two months after graduating from College, she got her first LLC Business Called "HotxxMagazine LLC", which is an Multimedia Company. Since then Tara J has been awarded for her creativity and work. In 2019 she started her second LLC called "HotxxMagOnlineRadio". Which is a online radio show, in 2021 she was awarded "Best Podcast Of PGH 2021". In 2021 Tara J completed her documentary series shortly after her mother's passing in June 2021. In December of 2021, Tara J was offered a position as a contributor/Producer on #WhatsGoingOn segment on Fox Sports Radio. Tara J continues to reach for the stars with her goals being her motivation to keep pushing daily.

Let's Chat With Tara J

Tell us more about HotxxMagOnlineRadio and why you decided to do your own radio?

  • "I started HotxxMagOnlineRadio to give music artist and businesses a platform to be heard. I started in the middle to end of 2019 and didn't realize how quick the word would spread around the world. I host my shows via facebook and youtube live because that's were the following is! My shows started to have about 300-500 views per show now I range around 700-1k viewers per show. I also upload the show recaps to YouTube so music artist and businesses  could always have something to watch later and something to share to their networks and supporters".

What are you trying to achieve with this show?

  • "I want to be a helpful resource and platform for music artist and businesses  worldwide. My goal is to get them heard and seen the way they should be".

Can people check out your show on platforms like youtube or facebook?

  • "They can tune in live via Facebook and Youtube live on @HotxxMagOnlineRadio on all social media platforms. If they miss the shows I always post the show recaps on YouTube, where they can go and subscribe and watch HotxxMagOnlineRadio on YouTube! Also HotxxMagOnlineRadio has a 24/7 music rotation located on the home page of my website".

Is there any dope tracks you enjoy playing on the show?

  • "Honestly, I have heard a lot of dope tracks that have been submitted and played on my radio show. There are a lot of talented music artist around the world. I couldn't just name one because I like a lot of the songs that are submitted and played".

What's your feelings on today's music?

  • "Honestly, I am a 90's baby. Today's music has nothing on the 90's and early 2000's music. Everything sounds the same in the mainstream industry. That's why I push the underground because a lot of the underground music is better than the mainstream music. Underground is winning! In my Opinion! I feel like If record labels focus more on actual talent and stop just chasing money then maybe music could be the way it use to be with more reason and feeling to it! However it is the mainstream artist that continue to motivate and pave the way for the upcoming music artist around the world".

What would you like to see more in music?

  • "I would like to see more creativity, music is a form of art. Yes it can be used for symbolism, but let's not forget music has always and will be a form of art and meaning".

Do you have any Shout outs?

  • Shoutout to all music artist and businesses worldwide grinding and pursuing their dreams. Shout out to UnionMoney ENT LLC. and Shoutout to anyone who ever doubted me because they just pushed me to want more and better".