HotxxMagOnlineRadio Wins "Hustler Of The Year" at the #YNCHipHop Awards 2022.


HotxxMagOnlineRadio takes home her 3rd victory win, 3 years in a row for "Hustler of the year" at the #YNCHiphop Awards Show.

HotxxMagOnlineRadio is ran by CEO & Radio Host Tara J. Established at the end of 2019, Tara J has been building up the station. With over 70k+ listeners around the World and Syndication's on other radio stations such as, "Independent Chicks" in Missippi & "The Ryan Show" with Mr.Cheeks in New York, and Street Madness Radio in Atlanta. Tara J is apart of #WhatsGoingOn_FoxSports as a contributor/ producer. HotxxMagOnlineRadio is supported worldwide, with a goal in helping other independent music artist and businesses to get their brands seen and heard.

Tara J stated, "This is a blessing to be recognized for all my hard work. This award doesn't just mean that I won, but we all won! The Underground is on a come up and we will shine".

With over 2,000+ votes, HotxxMagOnlineRadio is given the award for "Hustler Of The Year". Be sure to check out HotxxMagOnlineRadio on all social media platforms and check out the website for more music, entertainment and news!!!

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