New Short Horror Film Got Critics Talking! HotxxMag Films Media Releasing "On Air" Short Horror Film In March 2022!


HotxxMag Films Media is known for showcasing a new model of short films, by showcasing and producing high quality, underground budget films. HotxxMag Films Media focuses on horror films plus reality, and documentary films.

HotxxMag Films Media has produced many films, over 5+ films but under a different film company called "BloodDotMedia Films". All films are casted with individuals without film experience. What makes "HotxxMag Films media" so unique, is the ability to film without a script and all characters and acting are unscripted.

The company has filmed many dope films such as "Transformation Of Tara J" in 2021 and their upcoming film "Liars Deceit", which is set to begin the filming in 2022. HotxxMag Films Media is available on YouTube for all viewers to watch.

HotxxMag Films Media recently released the teaser trailer to their new upcoming short horror film, "On Air". This Short Film is starring, Tara J as a radio host. She starts her day as usual, Later that day in the radio station it's time for her live show, when she ask for callers to call in to be heard on the radio. Everything seems to be fun until an anonymous caller calls to shake things up and gives her listener's a terrifying experience.

Check out the official trailer on youtube:</p> 

Since the trailer dropped viewers and critics have been very engaged. Based on social media interactions and comments, lots are very excited to see the short film. The teaser trailer to the film has got so much attention that youtube has it listed under the Recommended/ Suggested watch pages. 

The "On Air" short film is set to release March 26th at 7pm Eastern time on youtube. HotxxMag Films Media is excited for the release and excited for everyone to see it. 

HotxxMag Films Media is partner company of HotxxMagOnlineRadio. They worked closely with each other to provide artists an opportunity to get their music heard in the film. The Artist we featured in the film are; Chuck G, BoogieeBaby, Mo Money and Nelse D. They also supported Clothing Brand, Millian Couture-NY by using their merchandise in the film. Which can be seen being worn on the main character, Tara J. The Film was shot by Union Money ENT LLC Films, using an Iphone 13 Mini and Edited, Written by HotxxMag Films Media.

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HotxxMag Films Media is currently working on being available for stream on major platforms such as, Vimeo, Rocku TV, Apple TV plus more! HotxxMag Films Media is currently a underground films company looking to grow in the industry.

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