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220 Phactz "Fried Nation Anthem" Single Currently Playing On HotxxMagOnlineRadio


220 Phactz is a super talented independent music artist from New Jersey. He has been making music all his life and continues to make phenomenal music. 220 Phactz has one of his hit single "Fried Nation" in rotation on HotxxMagOnlineRadio. His single is also available on YouTube.

220 Phactz song called "Fried Nation" is pure fire. 220 Phactz uses his artist skills in his delivery and style to deliver a raw and talented image. 220 Phactz was featured on multiple live stream broadcasted shows on HotxxMagOnlineradio which was streamed live via YouTube Live and Facebook Live. You can catch up on these episodes on YouTube. 

220 Phactz has been in rotation on HotxxMagOnlineRadio for 2 years now. He never fails us and always delivers music worth listening to. If you support independent music artist around the world, be sure to message us on social media @HotxxMagOnlineRadio to request "Fried Nation Anthem" By 220 Phactz so he can remain in rotation and get a chance at the #1 spot on the top songs played on HotxxMagOnlineRadio. 

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