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Ascot Recordz

Ascot Recordz began in 2023 in Las Vegas NV The label has established itself as one of the newest independent record labels. Ascot Recordz is here to make music for music lovers of genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, Gospel, Funk, Pop and much more. 

Ascot Recordz roster of artists include Alicia. Nicole Gobert. Mista NoPlay.Dj Hero. Sugabezy. HoNeE.JayByrd.AtmRon. 

Ascot Recordz provides a diverse platform for artists and producers to showcase their gifts and talent through the art of music and entertainment. Our mission is to positively impact all music lovers, of all genres with creativity, passion and vision through the art of music that has been inspired by experiences we have all endured and persevered throughout our journey in life at some point. 

We strive for excellence, growth and longevity in the music industry and to provide a pleasant, positive experience through music to all, for many generations to come. Enjoy and stay tuned for what Ascot Recordz has in store for you.