"Escaped" independent Short Film Trailer, Out Now!


HotxxMagFilms Media releases the trailer for "Escaped", their upcoming independent short film Directed and written by Tara Jackson. Available now on YouTube.

Click here to watch the trailer for "Escaped"!


HotxxMagFilms Media have been working hard behind the scenes on the production. This film was filmed with an iPhone 14 with a budget of a little under $1,000.
Director Tara Jackson is super excited to release this short film. HotxxMagFilms Media confirms that this film has been in the works for the last 4 months and just a little over a week ago they filmed the entire short film in 1 day. After filming, director Tara Jackson decided to turn this short film into a webisode series on youtube. She stated, " Let's give the audience something to talk about", "Let's get their minds going". Escaped is set to premiere Oct 30th on YouTube. If you are into scary independent short films and would like to support a upcoming film maker and entrepreneur go subscribe to their YouTube channel and check out the official trailer. This short film comes right in time for the halloween season.

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