HotxxMagazine is an independent magazine based in Pittsburgh, Pa. HotxxMagazine was established in 2017 with 27 current magazine issues featuring some independent music artists, djs, business owners, plus more! Big Stacks Entertainment recently had a new project release party and awards ceremony. The awards were presented to those in the city making noise and voted by the fans and supporter's of those nominated. The award was to show recognition to many.

HotxxMagazine CEO Tara Jackson showed up to show support to Big Stacks Entertainment and those involved. During the event there was good music, food and wine. As the night continued, Big Stacks entertainment proceeded to give out awards. HotxxMagazine was presented Favorite Magazine in Pittsburgh 2023.

Tara Jackson Took the stage and stated "I want to thank all my supporters and everyone in this room that is out here grinding. I would like to thank my son, my fiance and my mom in heaven".

HotxxMagazine continues to push new issues out every month. There is a new magazine issue out now issue 27 featuring Digital Radio Tracker founder Michael Matthews, is out now! Click here to view:

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