Malik Long "Ride All Night" Single Currently #9 On The Top Songs Playing On HotxxMagOnlineRadio


Malik Long is an independent  music artist in Pittsburgh, PA. He is very talented, he sings and even was shown acting in some independent films such as "No Safe Zone" available on YouTube and another upcoming independent film "No Talking" coming soon, written and directed by Nelse Dumas Jr.  

His song "Ride All Night" has been in rotation on HotxxMagOnlineRadio and managed to chart #9 on the top songs playing on HotxxMagOnlineRadio. 

HotxxMagOnlineRadio is an online radio station that plays Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music from independent music artist around the world. 

Malik Long has been working hard day in and day out to promote his music. He performs at a lot of shows in the Pittsburgh area. Malik long has been featured on 2+ live broadcasted shows on HotxxMagOnlineRadio which is available for watch on YouTube. 

Malik Long's song "Ride All Night" is still currently playing on HotxxMagOnlineRadio. If you support independent music artist around the world, message our social media pages @HotxxMagOnlineRadio to request Malik Long's song "Ride All Night" to remain in the rotation and to help him reach #1 on the top songs played on HotxxMagOnlineRadio. 

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