"No Talking" The Movie Coming To Theaters Near You!


To all the movie lovers, if you are into friends, betrayal, and cut throat action, this is for you. "No Talking" is a new independent film coming 2022. The Film is written and directed by Nelse Dumas Jr. Nelse Dumas Jr. also known as Nelse D is a music producer, hip hop artist, CEO of Unionmoney ENT LLC. He is also an independent movie creator, writer, director, and producer. This film will have appearances from individuals from Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and West Virginia natives in this fresh new street movie.

The teaser trailer is available on youtube, check it out below:

"No Talking" features a lot of creative individuals. Check below for the cast list below:

Nelse D as Gemini

Stephon Braxton as Tinted 

Lou as Dj

Kaleeq as Giovanni

Malik as Martin 

Reek as Taye

 Tara Jackson 

Kevin as Wayne 

Sbz as Reese

Lisa Lise as Shawnna

Ruzee Ru as Rick 

Tommy Smoove as Tommy

Chanteera as Teera Bags

Dthadon as Vince V Money 

Markell as Semi 

James as Tucker 

Birkin Bratt as Tara Shay

Derek as Leaf 

Chaz as Bruce 

Yea him as Charles 

Barbados as Rob 

Noah B as Dolo

Queenie as Monica 

Tadoe as Tadoe

Maurice as Hunter

Greg as Greg 

Emmanuel Dotson 

So much talent in one film. Look out for "No Talking" the movie coming to a theatre near you! 

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