Paccman Chico And Cuddy Suavee Kicking Off The New Year With Their New Project “Massacre 2”, Dropping In February 2022!


Paccman Chico and Cuddy Suavee is back with another project, “Massacre 2”. The project is set to release Febuary 2022. 

Last year, Paccman Chico and Cuddy Suavee dropoed “Massacre 1”, which did amazin numbers. This year they are geared up and ready to release their new project. “Massacre 2”, is filled with so many bangers, including a lot of artist from their team “All The Smoke”. Paccman Chico and Cuddy Suavee is preparing to not only drop their new project but also planning to do show tours. Performing at different venues around the world, to help showcase and promote their new project. They also plan to drop music videos for the singles featured on the upcoming project “Massacre 2”

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